At Home En Route – In the New Audi Q5

Since 2006 for example, thermo-electrics is one of the most up-to-date technical systems to be used by Weber in the implementation of innovative ideas.

A successful example of this is the thermal cup-holder, a high-tech product in the Audi Q5. The tempered cup-holder can keep both hot or cold temperatures. At the press of a button the temperature of the thermal-insert can be set between +3° and +53° Celsius. That the Weber experts scored an enormous success with the demanding implementation of this thermal cup-holder is also verified by the fact at in December 2006, they were awarded first prize in the Audi Concept Competition.

Concepts for the future include innovative applications such as air-conditioned storage compartments, shelves and coolers. Further thermo-electric applications can be developed on request in co-operation with our designers.

Learn more about our thermal cupholder here: Thermoelectrics.pdf