Production in Perfection

For perfect quality of our injection-moulded parts, all technical processes are constantly modernized, improved and monitored online by Continuous Quality Control (CQC).

Depending on customer requirements, Weber uses fully automatic, interlinked production islands covering the process stages of injection moulding, surface decoration, and assembling.

We use the following injection moulding methods:

  • Standard injection moulding
  • 2- and 3-component injection moulding
  • High gloss injection moulding without visible welding line
  • Direct back injection moulding of aluminium panels
  • In-mould decoration (IMD)
  • Aluminium decoration
  • Hybrid technology (Steel and Aluminium)
  • Weight of plastics parts 5 g to 2,5 kg
  • Machine size 250-10.000 kN

Learn more about high-quality surfaces with black sleek finish without flow lines in our data sheet "High-gloss Injection Moulding" or read our data sheet on "Crystal Clear Injection Moulding".